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 NickMom MotherFunny Holiday

The holidays are always a time where random things can happen.  Especially when you have young kids, ya know.  You see, recently my darling 5 year old Boston had his own set of #MotherFunny Moments.

I don't even really know which ones to share.  But I guess one of the biggest is the one that just happened this past week. 

While on a visit to see Santa.  Yes.  This #MotherFunny Moment brought to you by the man in the BIG RED SUIT.  This past week we were looking to get out for dinner and one of our favorite places to go is Dave and busters.  So, D & B is in a local mall.  And therefore we have to walk through the mall to get to the restaurant. 

So, as we're walking through - I said 'Boston!  There is Santa Clause!!!"  He got super cute and excited.  As we started to walk by, I told him that we couldn't visit him yet because we needed to make an appointment.  And of course - to see Santa, we had to be dressed appropriately.  I mean, after all...he IS VERY important.  Mega VIP.

So, I told him that we can go stand up by where Santa is sitting and at least give him a wave.  We walked up and Santa actually came over to us and said hello to Boston.  His coyness was adorable.  He goes to tell my husband and I 'I know exactly what I'm going to tell Santa Clause what I want for Christmas!"  Ok, great Boston.  'So what are you going to tell Santa?"

"Mom, I'm going to sit on his lap and tell him I want a back yard for Christmas."

I know of stopped for a second after realizing what he said and started laughing my tail off!  Yes. My son has been hanging around too many other kids.  We live in a townhome and he is asking Santa for a 'backyard'. 

Ok.  Well that's interesting.  I love the idea! hahaha My husband?  Eh.  Not so much.  

It really is the little things in life ya know?  

The little #MotherFunny things that makes life all worth while.

Now back to my regularly scheduled programming. 

You know I'm doing a show with @NickMom, right?  Be sure to check them out. They are GREAT at sharing #MotherFunny moments