I can NOT believe that it is almost Thanksgiving.  I mean, really..didn’t we JUST have New Year’s Eve?!  CRAZY!  One thing is for sure... my little family of 4 (well, 5 if you count the stinky dog) are doing our traditional Turkey Day festivities.


Well, kind of nada. 

I mean, we aren’t traveling anywhere.  My husbands family is in Chicago and my family is in the St. Louis area.  Traveling is so hard in the first place with an infant-but traveling DURING the holidays?  Noooo thanks.  

We are traveling pros - but I feel like Thanksgiving is that one time of year where I get to spend an entire weekend with my husband and Boston...and this year - the baby!  So, I have to say - there is a small part of me that yearns for that family bonding time.  But then there’s another big part of me that I’m grateful we aren’t running all over the country trying to ‘be thankful’ - when in fact - we can say our thankfuls right here in our home on a quiet cul de sac in PA!

Now, even though I say we don’t do anything I can assure you...I am the only one in the house who actually does something.  The boys will lazily watch the tv channel that barely gets changed in our house. FOOTBALL.  And I’ll be in the kitchen cooking for one of the two guaranteed days of the year!  (Yes.  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Mama does some cookin.  Other days?  Eh.)

You see, I’m not a bad cook.  I’m just bad at cleaning up the kitchen afterwards and it makes me nuts with the disaster all over.  So....most nights I don’t cook.  I go for simple.  

Of course soup is always simple.  And we do eat plenty of that, especially in the winter!  

One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving is the fact that we don’t even get out of our PJ’s for the day.  While everyone else is putting on their Sunday best and running - here, there and everywhere...we’re rocking the footed jammies all snug as a bug in a rug.

This Thanksgiving I plan on baking something different than the traditional.  I actually never made turkey.  I know.  So against the rules, right?  My husband and I are neither big turkey fans - so why waste a good bird, ya know?  I always bake a tasty ham though.  This year, the ham is a given but I want to mix it up a bit in the sides.  I’m always the only one eating green bean casserole, so I thought I’d switch it up to the mini green bean casserole recipe by Campbell’s.  My family (ahem - husband and 5 year old) won’t touch veggies.  So, this might be a good way at sneaking in the green beans. 

 Speaking of Campbell’s (@TheWisestKid on Twitter & find them on Facebook - have you heard about the Wisest Kid in the Whole World?  Seriously.  This kid is a mega dream come true.  I’ve asked him many a questions the past few months and for a little dude?  He’s brilliant!  His advice is always great and insightful.  So, do yourself a favor and if you have any cooking questions - give him a shout!  I love his responses and the fact that he’s so genuine.  I wonder if the Wisest Kid has anywhere to go for Thanksgiving....I’d love to have him over!  I even have an extra fitted pair of pajamas just for him! haha



This is a sponsored post on behalf of Campbell’s Soup as I am an ambassador for them.  Keep in mind though-all opinions are my own.  I really would love to have that kid over for Thanksgiving!