When I sit down to make my grocery list, I do my meal planning as well. This way I know we have a meal every night and we aren't left wondering "What's for dinner?" at 6 pm. To make the meal planning cost effective, I always look over the weekly ad and build my meals around what's on sale. 

This week's ACME ad has some great meals waiting for you! You can grab 4 packages of meat for only $19.99! It's a steal and a great way to stock up your freezer. 

So what's on the menu?

Monday - Chicken Cutlets with Veggies: Chicken breasts are included in the $19.99 meat deal and Green Giant Frozen Veggies are on sale for only $.88!

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday! Ground beef is included in the $19.99 sale! 

Wednesday - Also included in the $19.99 meat deal is a Chicken Pie! Just throw it in the oven and you are ready to go.

Thursday - Turkey Tenderloins are also included in the $19.99 meat sale. Serve with some mashed potatoes, Green Giant Veggies {$.88/each} and Pillsbury crescents {also on sale for $1.88}.

Friday - We alwasy do pizza on Fridays. Instead of ordering out, stock up on some Tombstone pizzas for only 2 for $7!

What about the weekend? No cooking on the weekend for this Momma! 

Once you start shopping the weekly ad, you will be amazed at how much you save not only with the sales but eating in every night!



*This is a sponsored post by Acme.  All opinions, planning and cooking are our own!