Can you believe it's almost Halloween?  

I can't.  I fear the holidays.  They make me break out in hives.  

But then again, all the candy I inhale around Halloween probably doesn't help in that matter.

So what are your plans for the evening? Do you trick or treat? Dress up?  How about your kids?

Boston, my 5 year old of COURSE has to dress up as a Jedi Knight.  The kid is OBSESSED with Star Wars.  Funny.  Until recently he had never even seen the movie.  Now?  Even more obsessed.  So, his costume will probably blend in. 

Hudson my little dude on the other hand.  He has the run of the mill in costume picking.  You see, I had this SLIGHT obsession when I first became a mom of making sure Boston looked cute in costumes.  Yes. I was one of those moms who bought a different costume per event.  Bad, I know. ha

But Boston has about 5 costumes for this age.  I'm so glad I kept them.  There was one costume that I had found at a high end store when Boston was first born that he barely got to wear.  IN was so big on him - I think I may have taken it off before we saw people.  

But Hudson this adorable costume fits just right.  It was originally $130 costume and was marked down to $20.  I remember that moment when I about died that it was so cheap.  So of course, I bought it no matter if it fit or not. And tomorrow night - none of the other costumes will see the light of day.  I realized that after I put on the CUTEST giraffe costume EVER.  Ok.  So maybe its the baby that makes it so cute in the costume.

If you're looking for something fast and easy - check out this silly kid. I love him.  He's brilliant.  Heck.

He's the Wisest Kid in the World.

Get to know this cool kid on their facebook & twitter pages.  


*I am an ambassador for this awesome Campbell's Soup Wisest Kid in the Whole World campaign.  This is a sponsored post but all opinions and info are my own.  My lovey Campbell's long time.