Leapfrog LeapReader Party

When I was asked to host a LeapFrog LeapReader party, I was over the moon.  

Leapfrog has been a staple in our house since becoming a parent.  They create some of the most innovative products out there for kids.

With a Kindergartener in the house, it was the perfect timing. 

We invited some neighborhood friends over to check out the LeapReader and had ourselves a little paw-tay!

What I found that my mom guests loved was that the products were so simple!  They were all in love with how one little 'pencil-type' product could do so much!!

The LeapReader can read, write and react wtih over 150 books, workbooks, audio books and more. 

I personally am fascinated with the technology in this thing.  It KNOWS things!  It prompts the writing - the reading - everything.  And it KNOWS when you mess up?  It's amazing.  I really can't imagine how awesome it has to be for a kid. 

I swear.  Great products that enter my house like this, I often feel so old and ancient.  Remember the old fashion pencils and paper?  Heck. You'd have thought we wrote on slate in our day. lol

Anway - here is some more fab info about these awesome things.  I love it and so did my mom friends and their kids!  My personal fave?  The Learn to Read Talking Words Flash Cards.  LOVE THEM!

The LeapReader library includes more than 150 books, maps, flash cards, book sets, learn-to-write sets complete with special LeapFrog Learning Paper, audio books, music albums, and trivia challenges. All of LeapReader’s activities are developed or approved by LeapFrog’s highly experienced teams of learning experts.

 What are some of your favorite products and books by LeapFrog?  Aren't they fabulous!


Disclosure: I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.  I LOVE everything that LeapFrog ever puts out.  They know exactly what learning products to produce for kids!