Bumbo Seat and Tray

In case you weren't aware of this... Um.. BABIES GROW!!!!! Yes.  I have a baby. Yes. He is GROWING!  And so fast too.

Hudson turned 8 months this past week and he's becoming more and more MOBILE in my life.  That is of course, as a working mom, both good and bad.

Good...cause, well - all babies need to grow, learn and explore.  


Really.  It's not a 'bad thing'..but I can't just let him sit alone.  He is a 'self supported sitter' now but I still don't feel comfortable running to the bathroom while he's sitting in the floor playing.

That's where Bumbo comes into play.  Literally.

I can put him in the Bumbo, hook on the tray - give him something that makes noise when he bangs it on the tray - and OFF I GO ON A POTTY BREAK!  

He sits there.  And LOVES this thing.  

It's great too...cause I can take him in the kitchen and set him in the Bumbo on the floor.  And, for the very few times I actually do it - I can cook dinner.  Insane, I know.  But yes.  I cook.  Sometimes. 

Bumbo so kindly sent me a seat and play table to try out.  I was thriled when I got it because the one that I kept forever that was Bostons?  Wasn't a Bumbo for one....but for two - it didn't have the play tray.  And I have to tell you - that tray has become a necessity!

Bumbo is also doing some outstanding charity work with their Bumbo Cares promotion that you totally have to check out for yourself!  I always love seeing a brand doing something for the greater good.

Be sure to hit them up and get social!

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