One of my favorite brands has come out with something fab...AGAIN!  Joovy, a family owned business sent us their latest product, The Bumprider to test out.

We are at the shore-so it's the PERFECT place to try this bad boy out.  

The Bumprider is the most universal stroller board on the market.  It fits on every stroller I've tried it on!  That's hard to find.  

It's very easy to put on too.  I will admit-it looks a little complex but just a snap here and there - and you're good to go.

We tried it out on our Joovy Cocoon X2.  Boston, my 5 year old LOVES it.  We hit the boardwalk and he was able to stop whining because he didn't want to walk anymore step on the board and enjoy the ride.

The Bumprider is great for kids ages 2-5 and up to 45 lbs.  


Check this thing out on our instagram video!