Tiny Prints

Valentine Cards


These are the CUTEST little cards EVER!

Boston came home from school today and when I showed him what came in the mail it was the SWEETEST thing I've ever heard. 


He looked at it, said 'Mama, these are awesome!  That's my favorite instrument!'

Then he hugged me saying 'I love you so much mama.'

I about died and went to heaven.

He has this sense about him that is so loyal to me.  Never in my life did I expect to feel so much love from a little human!!!

My husband calls him a 'mama's boy' all the time.  I try to blow it off...but deep down?  

There is nothing in this entire world that can give me a bigger high than hearing, feeling & knowing how much that child loves me.

And these cute little cards?

Over the top.

Last year we did cards from Tiny Prints for his class and female family members and they were such a hit.  

This year?  I'm sure he's going to get Stud of the Year again from every female he knows.  =)

Tiny Prints is our GO TO for Valentine’s cards!