Summer 2012 Roundup


I feel like I've been neglecting the 'memory making' side to this blog, ya know?

I mean-afterall 4 years ago I started this thing so that I could document my life...and the life of my little guy.

Yes, I know that it's pretty much self serving...but keeping these memories here have a much better chance to be seen by Boston when he gets older than the plethora of scrapbooks I have (and have not made) in the guest room upstairs.

(Humor me would ya? lol.)

There is a lot of talk around the social scenes (ie. Facebook & Twitter) about getting the kids back to school....end of summer entertaining and planning for the fall. In fact, I'm already 2 weeks late with getting this post out cause kids are off-summer is OVER- and Halloween is already up at some places!!

I have a lot of great memories of this summer.  A LOT more than I expected.  But definitely great ones that I'm super grateful of making.

Last spring I told my husband that I wasn't going to chase all over the countryside to blogger conferences or events this summer.  I did that last summer....and really regreted it because I was hardly ever home.

I said I wanted to 'make memories' with my little boy this summer. 

And I TOTALLY did that.  Even more than I had hoped for!

What a summer too.  Wow.  

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend we spent Boston's 4th birthday at Disney.  What a wonderful time we had, for sure.

Congress Hall, Cape MayThen in June I went to a press trip at my favorite family resort:  Cape Resorts Group in Cape May...stayed at Congress Hall and it was fabulous.

I had my 35th birthday that month.  But I gotta be honest with you.  NO MORE BIRTHDAYS for me.  Cause they always end up being 'the worst birthday ever'.  And once again that title was seriously fitting.  

Back to OPTIMISM, Joey...

Kathie Lee & Hoday: Today Show

Then my mom came for a visit and I took her to NYC with me when I was on the Hoda & Kathie Lee Show!!  THAT was a total life highlight.  Both for the show and being with my mom on her FIRST NYC visit. 

That same weekend...actually the day after the show...I about died.

Baby for Real?!?!

Took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE.

Yeah.  After almost 2 years of 'trying' - I had pretty much given up.  I thought it was a lost cause.  And just when you least expect it?

It happens.  

I told my husband and took like 30 tests and two doctor visits till he REALLY believed me.  I guess I can admit that it was a bit of a bummer by his reaction.  But men don't totally get that part of a womans life.  I mean... we're the ones who create that beautiful miracle when all they were are sperm donors! (hahaha.  Totally crude.  I know.  Sorry.  lol)

Atlantic City Overnight with Boston

I got to take Boston with me to this really fun 4th of July extravaganza event where they were promoting their million dollar light show called Duality.  We didn't actually get to make it through the light show.  Cause... kid passed out in my arms during the fireworks!!!  But we did get to spend some time at the pool and with some of our friends.  The next day I took him to Ocean City before heading home and we totally got to enjoy a little fun in the sun, just the two of us.

Golden Inn; Avalon, NJBlogger Beach Bash

Mid June, I took Boston to an event I hosted in Avalon, NJ at the shore.  We had a blast.  

My husband was suppose to go with me...but he got wrapped up in work. 

So instead of leaving Boston at home, I packed us up and took him along.

I knew he'd just love the event.  And he sure was the PERFECT kid!!!

Sandman Matt came and hosted a sandsculpting seminar for many bloggers and their families. It was a gorgeous day with some of my most favorite friends along!!  

I got to make a memory and help my friends create memories with their families.

Gaylord National Resort

This was a ton of fun with my family. I love driving there because it's not a long drive.  The view is gorgeous.  And National Harbor rocks!

We were there for the launch of the Holiday season at Gaylord where they announced the theme for their amazing ice show for this summer.

We enjoyed this fun, candyland like family event with Santa!  (I KNOW.  Santa in July??? You betcha!)

Katie Elise Butterfly Release (Our 4th year)

I LOVE this charity and all they do.  And the butterfly release is an amazing thing to see!

Ocean City, NJ BeachMini FAM Vacation at Ocean City, NJ

Here we hit Labor Day weekend and I said to my husband "DUDE!  We are at the last real weekend of summer and yet we haven't gone to the beach as a family!  I had gone when my dad was in town for a visit...and I took Boston myself twice-but nothing with all of us.

So we loaded up the car and hit up the only hotel with a room for three days!  My husband about hat a fit becuase he's so dang high maintenance and I rented a motel.  But after getting there he realized it wasn't 'so bad' after all.  I will tell you the bed was AWFUL  (Maybe because we are INSANELY spoiled with our bed at home!!!)

The best part about this trip for me, was that it wasn't a 'work trip'.  I get the opportunity to go to many awesome places.  I love taking my family on press trips for sure!  But when I can go somewhere and not have to 'think like a blogger' it's amazing!!  Yes.  More expensive.  But worth it in the end.

We ate lots of boardwalk food and fell asleep by 9 from exhaustion every day. 

But in the end-it was the best way we could have wrapped up a wonderful weekend away.

Boardwalk Mini GolfAll in all, it was probably one of the BEST summers I've had in many years.  I'm pretty convinced because I made that commitment to myself and to my son-that no matter what....I was going to make a memory with him.

Mission Accomplished.