Life Insurance?

Really, Joey?

I know.  Not many people (myself including) REALLY want to consider the thought of dying.  And what our families will do with what we leave behind.

But I'm going to get serious here with you for a minute.

It will happen one day. 

Are you prepared?

I'll be honest with you.  I never ever thought about needing life insurance.  Or even listened when I was told that I need to 'listen'.  And about 2 1/2 years ago, after I got my identity stolen-that's when my ears started to perk up.  Because I thought to myself... 'What if I die and my family has to deal with this identity theft and not only do they have to deal with my death, school loans & raising my child-but they also will have to deal with this massive mess that identity theft did to me?!?!"

I kind of freaked in the process. 

And thought to myself 'But I'm not working...I'm raising my can I afford or ask my husband to afford LIFE INSURANCE?!?!'

Which leads me to this. 

10 Reasons Why

Stay at Home Moms

Need Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and NOW is the time to get the ball rolling!

1. It is affordable.

According to Jordan Schneider Insurance and Financial Services it is possible to pay to protect your families.  Jordan says "I have clients who pay as little as $14 a month (about $100k of coverage.)  Most pay more but a small policy is better than no policy at all."

2. Being a SAHM has CASH value.

Think about it.  If your kids were to go to school or hire childcare - what would that cost you?  The average child care provider is $15,000 a year.  And that's JUST child care.  What about the cooking and cleaning you do? Your husband would not onl According to being a SAHM is worth over $125,000 a year!  Imagine having to 'cover' that cost if you weren't around?

3. You Can Create a "Nest Egg" for your kids future.

You can leave a small nest egg behind for when your precious kids are grown.  I love this thought because heaven forbid I die before my childs wedding or college.  By purchasing life insurance it give me a chance to take a bit of the burden of their lives and yet remember me in the process.

4. Getting Life Insurance is not a painful process.

TOTAL MYTH that it's a miserable process to go through.  Jordan Schneider makes the process easy as possible in helping you deal and heal with the thought of leaving your family and life behind.

5. Life Insurance can cover household expenses.

Think about it.  Just because you aren't bringing home a paper paycheck doesn't mean that you aren't contributing to the household!  Chauffer, housekeeper, therapist, Laundry Expert.... you KNOW they all cost a lot of money to put into action!

6. Moms are EXPERT shoppers.  There are OPTIONS to shop with life insurance!

There isn't just a 'one and done' deal with life insurance.  There are many choices to flex your deal mom muscles.  From term to whole life, there are many options to choose from.

7.  Your spouse could become disabled.

What would your husband do if you died in a tragic accident and they survived but became disabled?  By having life insurance you help put to eases the stress when dealing with disabilities.

8.  Be remembered by your grand and great-grandkids.

By purchasing life insurance-you have a chance to leave a legacy behind.  An opportunity to 'gift' your grandkids and even great grandkids. 

9. To pay for additional expenses acquired from your death.

By having life insurance, not only does your family have your debt to take care of - but think about the costs of your funeral, grief counseling and other expenses that I'm sure you wouldn't want your family to have to face.

10. Peace of Mind.

We stress every single day in our lives about so many different variables.  Why not take the stress of 'what will my family do if I die' out of the equation.  Don't just do it for your family and their it for your own peace of mind.  It's worth it knowing that you have a backup plan.


*For more information on Life Insurance Awareness Month and Jordan Schneider Insurance and Financial Services, please contact 215-874-7027.