Udis Gluten Free Pizza


Gluten Free is all the rage now a days.  In a GREAT way.  

I wouldn't say it's a fad-I'd say it's a way of life for soooooo many people.  

My brother-in-law is GF.  He started it about 8 years ago and swears by it.

I think my husband is borderline.  I mean, he COMPLAINS for days after a big hearty bread meal.  

My girlfriend introduced me to Udis Gluten Free Foods a couple summers ago and I actually tried their Snickerdoodles.  I was at a conference and swore that I would NOT like them. 

Boy was I fooled.  They rocked!

Recently I was in Whole Foods and spotted them in the frozen foods section.  

Hmmm. Gluten Free Pizza?

So I took another leap of faith.  Thinking that PIZZA of all things could not be touched without destroying the taste, ya know?


My husband.. ahem... ate the entire thing but the one piece I tried.  

He said it was like not even eating 'carbs' cause it didn't fill him up.  He also said that he loved the taste..


The best part about these gluten free pizzas?  They are mega on the affordable side!  Less than $10 a pizza!

I actually bought the Margherita Pizza and added grilled chicken to the top of it.  It was flaky and super tasty.

What is your fave Udi's Gluten Free food?