What is better than ice cream for a pregnant woman?!?!


I love making Boston Cakepops.  He smiles and I'm the coolest mom in the world when I make them too, ya know.  =)

It was a rainy weekend and I decided to get domesticated.

I started making cakepops for Boston to take to school a couple years ago.  They were just FUN and easier for kids to take home than an actual cupcake. 

I often get asked 'How do you do it?'

I've tried a couple ways.  I have the 'fill in the hole' close the lid and wah-la pop maker-but I really didn't like the taste of those.

So here is my personal recipe for tasty cake pops:

Cake Pops For Dummies

(Fishbowl Cake Pops)


-- cake mix (of your chice)

-- icing (of your choice)

-- aqua melting chocolate (found at Michaels)

-- Bakerella Cake Pops Kit is AWESOME to use!!  (I have the worst time getting the cake pops to dry standing up. You'd laugh if you saw what I rigged up. lol. This kit has everything you need and more to make adorable pops.)

-- Tiny confetti ball sprinkles (used to look like the bottom of a fishbowl)

-- colored fondant (used to cut out fish shapes)

-- colored writing icing (used to make face on fish)

My cake pops are TASTY!  I think because I love to make them with an added ingredient before dipping them in the chocolates.

Step 1:

Pick out a cake mix flavor you love.

Follow the directions on the box and bake the cakes.


When cakes are done, then start breaking them down to teeny tiny crumbs.  (I use funfetti in about all my recipes cause my pops are tasty that way with kids.)  I use a 'masher' tool to really break up the cake into tiny pieces.


After cake is totally turned to a crumble, add a dollup of your favorite icing to the cake and mix.  (I LOVE cream cheese icing-so thats what I always use.)

Mix the icing into the cake really well.  The cake should then be sticky.  If its still 'flakey' then add a tad more icing.  I personally use 80% of the icing container per one box of cake.  


Roll the dough into tight balls that are well connected and place them on a tray. (Make sense?  Meaning-don't have 'cracks' in your balls.)


Put the tray into the freezer for 20 minutes. 


Take a coffee break and put your feet up!!


Grab your balls. (Ahem. That sounds weird.)


Melt aqua dipping chocolate according to directions.  

Take a stick & dip in chocolate then put a ball on a stick.  (This helps in holding the cake ball in place.)

Then dip the cake pop into the chocolate.

Carefully sprinkle bottom of cake pop with the confetti ball sprinkles

Then put cake pops standing up to dry.


While cake pops are drying, roll out a colored fondant. (I used yellow.)

Create fish shapes with either a cookie cutter, or a knife free hand. (Yes.  I did it freehand.  It took FOREVER and some of my poor fish looked funky.  Oh well. lol)

STEP 10: 

Use writing icing to create an eye and whisp for the smile on the fish.

STEP 11:

Put a dollup of chocolate on back of fish and put fish on the dried cake pops.

STEP 12:

Wha-laa-Fishbowl Cake Pops! Goooo Fishin'!



There are some AWESOME recipes on the Bakerella website.  I'm totally going to do the Lorax cake pops next!