Mom 2.0


Well, yes.  There has been something I've been hiding from you for..oh... 13 weeks!!

I'm having a baby!!  Well-I already have a 4 year old baby & a husband that can sometimes lovingly be a total baby (ha) but this time is a REAL BABY!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.  

It's so amazing this time around.  

I mean the first time you have a child... you have NO IDEA what you're getting into, ya know? 

I remember reading the book everyday....eating my face off thinking 'well that's just what you do, right?'

NO>not quite!!

I've really made a more conscience effort this time around to be aware of my triggers.  To embrace my swelling body.  To love the 'me' I'm in-both mentally & physically.

13 WEEKS!I have to tell you....not that I didn't 'expect' it-because I was so publically open about my postpartum depression after Boston...but it was very disheartening to hear some of the responses I got from people who didn't understand the illness I went through.

From someone I heard, instead of 'yeah-we're excited for you!'  I heard 'do you think that is the right choice considering your mental health?'


Talk about a buzz kill.  

It blows my mind how society portrays women who go through emotional wars with themselves after childbirth.  I find it embarassing that so many are stuck in the stone ages in thinking that it's a 'hush hush-don't tell' thing.

I'm not going to go there right now.  Because I'm still basking in the glory of the reality that I have a LIFE inside me.  

But trust me.... now that I'm open about it-I'm going to SHARE ALL! haha.  Cause I can.  And because I know I'm not alone.  

My little guy is so excited.  And maybe that's a reason I'm excited to.

Here's to Mom 2.0. (Which by the way-is due on my 6 year wedding anniversary!!  Fun huh?  =)