Flying High with the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

Doesn't every little boy or girl at one point in their lives dream of "running away" with the circus?  Spending your days high up on a tightrope or swinging above the crowds on a flying trapeze is a fantasy for so many kids, as well as adults who grew up going to the circus themselves.  I remember seeing my first tightrope act where the performer was donned head to toe in sequins and I absolutely adored her bravery as well as grace.  Being able to experience the circus first-hand was once only a dream, but now is a reality offered right here in Philadelphia.

 If your son or daughter loves the circus, the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts (PSCA) has an awesome opportunity for you!  PSCA offers classes for children aged 15 months to 15 years beginning this fall, September 4th and running through November 9th.   There are a variety of class times taught by experienced faculty as well as an affordable pricing structure so that many families can enjoy the circus experience!

The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts is offering a special promotion August 30th and 31st where for only $5 your child can try out a sampler class on location to see if the Big Top is something they might enjoy!  This is a one-time event and pricing is extremely discounted!  Class samplers include rope-climbing, trapeze, tight wire, juggling, rolling globe, plate-spinning and tumbling. 

This sounds like a fun event for both parent and child, and something that they will never forget.  If you are looking for a fun fall activity to enroll your little acrobat in, PSCA might just be the perfect spot!  Located at 5900A Greene Street, Philadelphia, PSCA can be reached at (215) 849-1991 or on their website at Register now for the sampler class!