Endorsements & Team USA

As you know, I'm hands down a MEGA fan for anything USA.  (Although Ralph Lauren and I might hit the ring with the fact that he OUTSOURCED Team USA uniforms but I digress on that one!!)

If you're a friend on Facebook with me-you know I get REDICULOUSLY a little bit mouthy over the way I feel about over paid athletes that think they can (AND DO) get away with murder because they are better than the rest of the world. 


But I have to tell you.

Not the Olympic Athletes.  

I mean, yes... Michael Phelps was an overkill last summer Olympics and Ryan Lochte got the short end of the stick. (Well, we all see how that turned out THIS YEAR, right?!?!  Lochte slaughtered Phelps in the 400!!)

Yes...Lochte was a bit over the top with wearing his 'grills' showing his American Pride.  

But I'm TOTALLY ok with that. 

Because these are REAL athletes.  

I know.  You're probably thinking 'duh-Joey-so-are the NFL players, and all the other meatheads   highly talented athletic individuals in the USA sports.

But not really.  I don't think so. 

Cause think about it.

Team USA basketball has some bigtime 'full-time' players like Kobe "I'm an idiot" Bryant.  But if you look at the team and the media-no one is really talking about the 'full-time' athletes in the Olympics.  

All the endorsements on TV are with 'no namers' or people that aren't in the public eye all the time.

I LOVE reading their life stories.  It captivates me. 

And although I'm not a big fan of P&G (they are in bed with Monsanto and have products with cancer causing agents that I totally disagree with) I love what they are doing with their 'Thank You Mom' campaign.

Here is a sweet one with Shawn Johnson.