What are you doing this Saturday?

Not sure?  


Join me at this amazing event that I've taken part in for the past 4 years.  

The Katie Elise Lambert Butterfly Release is one of my most favorite events to attend since me moved to Philly. 

This isn't just an event to raise awareness of a random charity.

This is an event that has totally changed my life as a mother. 

The first time I attended Boston was 14 months old.  

And I cried over Katie's story.

July Lambert is Katie's mom and the story she shares of how she lost her daughter has affected my life forever. 

You see, when Katie was a little girl-she was killed after a large piece of furniture toppled over on top of her. 

As a mother to a young child, I freaked when I got home from that day.  We got our large mirror and other big furniture in our house tethered to the wall.  

Take away the heartbreak and bring in the celebration of life with the Butterfly Release!

This awesome event is open to the public and such a cool thing to watch!

Katie Elise Lambert Butterfly Release

Katie's Foundation for Child Safety Butterfly Release and Safety Event will be held on July 28, 2012,
11 AM – 2 PM,
 along the walking trails at Jeanes Hospital in Northeast Philadelphia.

Releasing butterflies is a heartwarming, special way to remember our loved ones who have died. This event will hold special meaning to each person participating. It is our hope that the release of the beautiful Monarchs will bring peace and comfort to everyone in attendance.

The July 28th event is also scheduled to include educational booths from a variety of nonprofit organizations. 

The event features barbecue from renowned chef Jack McDavid, founder of both Jack's Firehouse Restaurant and Jack's Down Home Diner. Both establishments are located in Philadelphia.
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Activities and entertainment for children include; face painting, crafts, Moonbounces, games and an appearance by Chippy the Clown.

Captain Jack and the Chasers, a local band, will also perform. 

Volunteers from Jeanes Hospital Pastoral Care Department will be on hand at their Hugging Booth for the bereaved.