A few weeks ago, I got the honor of attending a media trip with Cape Resorts Group.  We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Congress Hall, a Cape May legend.

There are other properties within the group like Virginia Hall, The Beach Shack & Cottages.  Plus the Sandpiper & Congress Hall.  And I can't forget to mention The Chelsea located in Atlantic City.  

OH-AND THEY HAVE THEIR OWN FARM!!  Beach Plum Farm has amazing seasonal produce that is used at every property.  And lemme tell ya.  The food is TO.DIE.FOR.  (Just visit my Cape May Dining post to salivate over that one. lol)  AND a great shopping place called West End Garage that you can spend hours browsing local faves.

 I could write all day about how amazing they are-but here is my 'special list'.

5 Faves of Cape Resorts Group

Their EXQUISITE attention to detail!

Their details are everywhere but some of my favorite parts is their menus.  The menu at The Virginia had beautiful quotes at the end of them.  

Also, the menus at The Blue Pig restaurant, housed in Congress Hall has such fun stories of the place.  

Another detail I love is their new logo.  The new logo was created after an old key was found in the drain that had the initial to the women years ago who was a big part in The Congress Hall.  Cool huh?

Oh, and the plates at The Blue Pig.... they are replicated after an old shard was found.

Are you in love with the history yet? lol


Yes.  That's number 2 on my list.  Their food is sooooo amazing. Fresh, filling, fun.  

Not to mention... ahem... their head chef is a TOTAL doll with an outstanding accent! hahaha.

They utilize this amazing farm that was created by the founder, Curtis Bashaw.  It's adorable how hands on Curtis is with his farm.  He even goes out and picks some asparagus time to time! 


One of my favorite things to do when visiting the shore at anytime is to browse the shops.  And West End Garage by FAR is my favorite shop to browse along any of the shore points!  Seriously A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

I'm a SUCKER for shore decor and they have some of the best I've seen.  

The store is a mixture of handmade to antique as well.  (Not the WILD necklace I spotted while browsing!!  I LOVED this thing but wasn't sure how I'd pull it off in real life.  It was sooo cool!)

My girlfriend Sandy O from Creative Juice Group was there as well.  I LOVE being around her as we tend to ahem...be VERY alike in our silliness!  She's extremely creative which TOTALLY explains our weirdness! ha.  So we of COURSE had to try on tiaras while surfing the garage!


I'm sorry.  I'm a SUCKER for pampering.  When the staff heads to Cape May for the season, Curtis Bashaw says to them 'Company is coming!'  Seriously?!?!?  Even my own family don't do that! lol Last summer I already showed you my love for the location and love of Curtis and his storytelling and all of Cape May Resorts Group.

But where do you get TOP NOTCH bathroom products (Aveda provided at Congress Hall) but also a fabulous turn down service!!  HEAVEN RIGHT?  

Don't even get me started on the Sea Spa.  I tell ya.  That was great awesomeness!


Hello Cabana Boy!! ha.  No but honestly, they have beatiful cabanas for each of their properties and you can get tasty food delivered RIGHT to your chairs.  

That's a GREAT thing for families.  Cause lugging all that 'stuff' back and forth just to fill their bellies?  Pain...


I love hearing the owner, Curtis Bashaw telling stories.  Heck..this was my 2nd trip and I was actually sharing trivia with the group like I should be the tour guide! lol  Seriously though.  So many properties all over the world are 'men in suites' and boring generic names.  Don't get me wrong..I love me a high class resort..but this is as far from being a chain that you'll ever see.  The wealth of history within the Cape Resorts Group captivated me.  To hear that the room keys are old train pieces or the plates at Blue Pig are replicas.  When you walk around the properties there are gorgeous photographs all over the place.  You look at them and your mind disappears to the 1800s.  (Thank HEAVENS we don't have to wear bloomers on the beach anymore! lol)

Check them out.  You'll love every piece of their properties.  I'm sold for life!