"Keep your EYE on the Prize"

~Katy Perry


Ok. So today... heck, who am I KIDDING.  The past 2 WEEKS have been a wash.

I'm sitting in my office. Surrounded by amazing toys. 

It's like 200 degrees outside.

And I found myself just bawling my EYES OUT. 

My poor guy neighbors in my building.  They must think I'm the most hormonal....melodramatic women in the world. lol  (Every office around mine are filled with dudes.  YES. I leave my door SHUT when I'm here...but these walls are PAPER thin. lol)

I've been on this 'what on Earth am I doing to myself' journey for the last 2 months.  

I have people grabbing at me from every direction...and there are moments when I'm so ready to THROW IN THE TOWEL.  

I mean, even on my birthday last week I had people posting on my facebook wall 'Happy Birthday-now can you promote _______???'

I want to do and help everyone.  I don't want to be a b*tch for ignoring emails....or not sending out proposals that companies who reached out to me are interested in... but my head is SPINNING.  

Not to mention-my house ONCE AGAIN looks like a tornado hit it.  My husband doesn't respond to my emails and I haven't returned about 8 phone calls.  

I get stricken with anxiety over it all.  


Then I see this today.  And I can NOT wait to see her movie. 

'Keep your eye on the prize.'

Great kid.  From a great family and great upbringing.

You GO Katy Perry.

Now maybe I need to buy some cupcake breasts to get through this life.