Take It Off Monday

So today i begin the journey of something I've put off long enough.  

The entire month of May I traveled from the shore to Disney to the shore and back again.  I hosted 17 different events in there as well.  And with that came more food than I can sink my teeth into.

I tried to 'be good' knowing the leap of faith I was planning on Monday June 4th.

As I look at my schedule for this month, there is nothing that can set me back.  Mainly because I canceled it all.  

Until I can hire someone to help me with my business-I have no business gallavanting all over the country.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I'm putting priorities in place.  

I already had prior committments that I had to fill that included the crazy traveling schedule but those days are past.  They were fun. (And be prepared to see posts in the future remembering the fun AND THE FOOD!  But NOTE-I didn't slip.  lol They are in the 'past'.)

Kelly Brown and Stephanie Glover, blogging friends and friends in real life of mine are such an inspiration.  Seeing their progress made me go-I WANT TO DO THIS!!  I CAN DO THIS!  They are both sweet souls and I can honestly say as they shed the 'skins' I've witnessed them blossom into these kind-thoughtful-outgoing-souls.  Not that I didn't think they were before...but I personally know that feeling of confidence you get when you really start to see your body take shape.  After losing 80 pounds in 2000, I SOARED in life.  And I can honestly tell you that gaining so much weight pregnant and post baby has stripped me of that woman that feels on top of the world.

That I can conquer it all.  That there is nothing holding me back.

Anyone who has ever made a life changing impact on themselves can tell you that.  

It changes the entire landscape of living when you lose weight.  Or run a marathon for that matter.

And anyone that tells you they lost the weight-then gained it back years later...only to feel like such a failure....

Isn't lying.  

It's been a monkey on my back since Boston was born.

I turn 35 next week.  I spent that last 5 years eating my way through pregnancy...postpartum...depression...lonliness.... Just to name a few.

And the pitty party has to come to an end.


If you follow or read the amazing transformation for any of the Medifast Bloggers or ANY weightloss blogger for that matter, you see them become honest with themselves.  And with you.  

And tell you their weight.  And story along the way.

I'm going to do that.

Ahem.  Just not today.

I actually stood on the scale and took a picture of the number WITH MY EYES CLOSED.

It's Monday.  I'm focused.  And I don't want that number to make me feel like it's my self worth.

The scale is a DEMON.  And I know that the number I see is never the number that people think I am.  Which is a good thing.

But that number is higher now than it's been my ENTIRE LIFE.  (I think).

So, I'm going to be HONEST with that number.  And the scale image... next Monday.  

Because I need a week to focus on ME.  And not a number. 

Thanks for letting me share with you my journey.

Want to join me in this journey?  

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