Ohhh heck.  I'm so behind.  This past week has been INSANITY.  The definition of insanity?  


  1. The state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
  2. Extreme foolishness or irrationality.
Yeah friends.  PRETTY MUCH hit the nail on the head with that one.
So... TODAY, I'm back on the saddle.  Or the scale for that matter.
And I'm HAPPY.  Cause when life gives me lemons?  I made lemonade of course.
And when I battle depression?  I don't eat.  NOT a good way to live, for sure.  But there are definitely benefits to it. 
So... my husband said to me yesterday on the phone 'try and have a good day'.
And I BAWKED at him for his overachieving foolishness.
But today?
I thank him. 
Cause my game face is on.  (Although I can't wear my contacts cause I have a sty or something nuts in my right eye)  I'm feeling pretty good about myself.
I went for a hike.  I sweated like a pig.  And the scale is less.
LIFE IS GOOD.  (Just for today.)
And if you need some inspiration?  Check out this AWESOME pinterest page.  
She's my new favorite blogger.
What are you doing to ROCK your day?

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