Father's Day

I'm so lucky. 

I can't even begin to share how lucky I am. 

I have a Father.

One that God has given me that makes my heart melt.

My father is my hero.

He's a war vet.

He's a good dude.

And I'm JUST like him.

Down to my name.

My daddy has been my heart for years.

He walked me down the aisle.

He hugged me when kids were mean to me.

Heck, I didn't get picked to be in a certain sorority in college and I'll never forget him calling me that day.

He has NEVER stopped believing in me.

Heck.  I was on a billboard once...(NO, not because I was 'wanted' lol) but because I 'was somebody'.

Granted, I was somebody in Paducah, Kentucky. lol.  Didn't matter if it was Paducah or Chicago.


Even though as a kid growing up my mom fought hard to get keep their marriage alive.

There is NOT ONE OTHER COUPLE IN THIS WORLD that are as great as they are.

My father is who I always wanted to marry.  

I would grab onto his leg when he left the house...cause I didn't want him to leave.

Even if he was just going to the Minute Mart.

There is NO MAN in this world better than him.

And there is no man in this world who will EVER take his place.

Thank you God.  For blessing me with a father who was present in my life.  Someone who for my 5th birthday game me a Cabbage Patch Doll.  You know.  The dolls that cost an arm and a leg.

Caroline Emaline Fortman.

That was her name.

And I loved her.

Happy Father's Day Dad.  

Even though, bless your heart.... you can't turn on a computer to see this.  =)

Thank you for always loving me.  For always believing me.  And for taking care of the most important women in this world.

My momma.