Yep.  Today is my birthday.  Today is the day that God thought I was COOL enough to come into this world.

And I can tell you.... it's the Simple Things in life that set me aside.

It really is. 

I'm so grateful that God has blessed me with parents that are still married.

Isn't it sad that I say "STILL"? 


My parents have been married for 40+ years.  

Longer than I've been alive.

And I've gotten smart ass comments....and real world comments from both of them...

One of the things I jump on when I meet people who've been married longer than 10 asking the question:  "What's the secret?"

And I get the whole gamut.  (And I likely spelled that wrong...)

But in reality.... I do.  All of it.

From, having other friends than those that you share, to having your own hobbies to 'understanding that we're in different places'.... 

ALL of it.

And one has been honest with me saying that it royally sucks.  That marriage is harder than being a finalist in Jeopardy. 

And here I am.  On my 35th birthday.

And I feel stroger to God and finding myself that ever before.

I know. I'm so lucky.  I'm so totally aware of how lucky I am.  And in reality-I'll be an absolute MESS when I lose my mom or dad.  God...please put someone in my life at that time to help me through my insanities.....cause I am 100% aware of myself.  And I know that I'm in BIG trouble when the Lord decides to take those 2 beautiful people away from me..


I'm candidly bawling my eyes out right now.

Yet...I'm beyond blessed with life.

Why I love my Philly Life:

*I can fly in the 'cool girls' section.....

*People who know me wayyyyy before I was ever me for me.

*I love having fun and so do others! 

*I've met people along the way that love ME for ME.  Not what I can do for them.

Ok. I feel better. 

I love my parents.  From the bottom of my heart.  I don't need 'stuff'.  And it really fries me (although I'm thankful) when people..even my husband.. sends me 'stuff'.  I don't care about 'stuff'.

Be WITH ME.  Be PRESENT around me.  Don't ask me to promote you.  THAT is where my heart is grateful.

NUFF SAID.  Have a great day.