National Train Day

One of my utmost favorite things to do is taking Amtrak into NYC for the day.  Or week.  Or heck.  I'd do it EVERYDAY if I needed to! lol

I remember the first time I went.  It was to see Martha Stewart show with a bunch of blogger friends!

You know I love trains.  When you see all the train fun Boston has.

Needless to say-you GOTTA love trains if you're a mom to boys!  Girls' love them too.

So.... with that being said.... here's the PERFECT event for you and your family on May 12th!!

National Train Day

Even though we live in this modern insane culture... it's ALWAYS good to take a step back and SLLOOWWW down.  Not that trains are 'slow' but trains have a nostalgia to it, ya know!


30th Street Station - 11-4p - Saturday May 12, 2012


For more information about National Train Day events, visit, or @natltrainday