A blogger friend mentioned that she needed some ideas for Father's Day gifts....and well...of course, being a blogger for ahem-5+ years now-I've got a TON of ideas.

Now, let me tell you... I could be a punk and say that it annoys me that he doesn't use or enjoy any of the things that I ever got him.

BUT...in his respect.  I get a LOT of stuff.  But since he's such a 'simple man'...he doesn't need anything. 

AHEM.  There.  This crabby lady played devils' advocate.

Anyway-Father's Day is a month 1/2 away.  So NOW is the time to buy stuff for them.  Right?

DadGear is one of my personal favorites.  I love this site. 

Some other great posts on Dad Gifts that I have loved:

This is GORGEOUS. But..my husband hasn't used it.  Oh well.  You know you're man!