Free Reign

Shopping Event




I have officially found my new addiction.

Ok. has been an addiction for life-but I have found an amazing place to FEED my addiction!

Free Reign Boutique in Conshohocken!

This gorgeous new hidaway invited me to invite my mom-posse and we ROCKED that place.  Turned out to be such an outstanding event that we..ahem..stayed over an hour than we were suppose to! lol

That's what happens when you put women, wine, AMAZING food & shopping all in one location.  Really is nothing you can do to stop that one unless you have security at the door dragging us caveman style out the door to our cars!

Five Reasons Why I Love Free Reign



I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I had never stalked pondered a certain sweater from this store before I was even asked to host an event.  Cause...I did.  And you bet your bootie I bought that beauty!  The fashion at Free Reign ranges from jewelry to one of a kind scarves, handbags, tops, seasononal attire and so many of those handcrafted right here in the USA!  Not to mention all the cool eco-friendly products done by local artists.


When you browse this fabulous store you'll see that prices range from low to high.  I love that.  When I want something classy and affordable it makes it that much more worth the buy.  And, if I want to 'spend a little more' for that special something I want to get a friend-then it's right there as well.  


I so wish I had taken a picture of the chandelier!  Hm. That might mean a shopping trip is in store...ahem. Business purposes of course!  It really is the coolest chandelier I've ever seen.  It was made in Pennsylvania and the store owners can change out designs for the seasons!  

In fact, I can GUARANTEE you that you won't see a better lit store ever.  Being 'housed' inside Kay Lighting on Ridge Pike has some serious perks!


How many times do you get invited to a party and never know what to bring?  They have the cutest dessert mixes and other novelty goods that will rock at setting your gift apart of the others!  Plus, at Free Reign it's about all parties.  From wedding gifts to baby gifts to heck...even gifting YOU you'll have some fab fun finds.


How cool is it that Kay Lighting, the home of Free Reign has been a family owned business since 1947?  Really!  What I loved about this place is that it's a 'mother/son' team.  And they are adorable!  You can feel the passion they have as a family for what they are doing with this awesome store.




We were well fed by an AMAZING new Pizzaria in Andorra Shopping Center called "Pizzaria Dimeo's". My super fab neighbor works with them and gave us an insanely awesome meal.  I'm not kidding you when I tell you that I am in HEAVEN with this place too!  You have to check out their outstand Not to mention-they are on Twitter: @PizzariaDimeos & Facebook: /PizzariaDimeo.  Wanna see their menu and drool?  Grab a napkin!  Thanks Scott for filling out bellies!  =)