IVillage Beach Ready
Community Challenge


Oh yes my dear friends. 

I know. It's FRIGHTENING.  It's that time of the season.  I Bob Harper; iVilage Butt Buster!cringe but I also smile.  A total LOVE-HATE my life moment knowing that.......


I have to put on a bathing suit?  Where are the days in which you freakin' wore those fullbodied funky suits that covered your ENTIRE body?!?!?!  Beuhler????

Ok.  So I could either wear a full bodied wet suit or I could at least make the healthier effort and do something towards getting there.

Ugh.  I have to put on a bathing suit this week and I might have a heart attack or be mistaken as a beached whale at Disney.  

Ok.  Enough of that wallowing self pity that I always put myself through.

I joined.  I'm in.  


I'm an iVoice for iVillage so why NOT support them and their awesomeness. 

I mean....ahem....BOB HARPER is my trainer. Really?  Who wouldn't want to train with the longest standing awesomeness of a trainer for the Biggest Loser on NBC?  

So here is what you can do to join me.... cause you KNOW you wanna.  =)

Go to the iVillage Beach Ready Page - register...and GET OFF THE COUCH!