Purpose Driven Life

I want to go public with you here.  Because many of you know that I'm..well... hanging by a thread right now.  

One important factor for me is that I'm sooo not 25 anymore.  

I turn 35 in a month.  And the saying YES to everything that came my way, plus run a household, own my own business and most importantly being a MOTHER is not working.  For the long term.

One of the goals I've been working on since I spent the entire month on the road in February is to get a place at the shore for the summer.  I ran my brains out, to the point that I realized...I'm not going to do it anymore. 

And little did I know it.  March and April were pretty great...productive...prosperous....

And here I am.  May 17th and I'm swimming fast and furious away from sharks.

And when you realize that your bedroom looks like this?

It's time to 'clean house' and think about the purposes that drive you in life.

I have a big problem saying "NO" to a lot of things. 

Food, Alcohol, Work....are just to name a few.  

I gain weight when I can't keep up with the demands and then I drink to mask and move forward and then I work so damn hard to pretend that I've got it alllll together.

And well.  By the picture of my bedroom above.  

I failed.  

I love the saying on my wall.  It does remind me every morning to Live as if you only have TODAY.

I need to add a big fat image of the former first lady Mrs Nancy Reagan saying 'JUST SAY NO JOEY!'


-- I get approx 400 emails a day.  People wanting to 'pick my brain', pitches - then companies following up with 'just want to follow up on my pitch', then invites to host events, sales people wanting help with a project, people wanting to be on Real Mom Radio' facebook freaking notifications (UGH) not to mention my mom.  

So when I say 'yes' - I'll meet you to share my knowledge, yes-booking you to be on Real Mom Radio-then editing the show, yes-I do have a great idea on how you can give more to your clients, yes-I will host your event, yes-I'd love to have a playdate, yes-send me that product to review....then try to invoice companies - track down the non payments so I can pay rent for my office, be a MOTHER, wife, friend, neighbor, sister, daughter, butt wiper & laundry do'er?  


So... I'm not sharing all this with you to get you to join my pitty party.  Cause quite frankly, I REAP what a SOW.

I'm telling you to REMIND YOURSELF... you can't be all things to all people.  You are JUST ONE PERSON. 

And the power of NO is important in making boundaries.  

Now if I can just get farther than 3 months without a mental meltdown?  I'm be kicking ass.  

So here is my last post to you for a while (mainly because my dad is in town because my husband called him to come since I was about to implode and turn into Medusa and he was/is on a guys trip)  and because next week is my little boys 4th birthday and we're taking our first ever trip to Disney World. 


-- A new endorsement with Sono Bello...that I've been DYING to share

-- An AWESOME video recap of Tuckerton Seaport Museum (GREAT place to hear about for family fun)

-- SHOPPING haul from a fun event we had at Free Reign in Conshohocken, Pa

-- My weightloss journey with Medifast

-- Laundry done, house cleaned, kid played with and hopefully a returned email from me that I owe you!

Thanks for sticking around....

OH-but Real Mom Radio will rock on!  Be sure to tune in Sunday mornings at 7am on Ben FM.  Listen live at www.ILikeBenFM.com too!


As I'm typing this and trying to spit out the words - my son is chasing the dog around the house singing 'chasing dog' over and over.  Plus my poor father who can barely walk is saying 'Boston, you need to calm down!' and well...that pile of laundry still there!  PLUS-our airconditioner went out and my doorbell is ringing with the repairman!!!!!!!!

Life is worth living.....  =)