Easter 2012

Here it is.  Barely after midnight on Easter Eve.  

I just spoted an Easter Bunny in my kitchen.  He was a shorty, I tell ya.  

He dropped off some gorgeous fun things that I know will put a smile on a little boys face tomorrow!!

Something about these mystical holidays that brings me back to my own childhood days.

This week I took him to my friend Kara's photography studio called Lens Friends.  My girlfriend Tara & I took our kids there last year and had the BEST TIME EVER!!!  Kara brings in brand new baby chicks every year.  The ones we met were ONE day old!

Something about playing on the floor with him rolling around with little chickies. Doesn't get much better than taht ya know!

This year at Blissdom Conference I was once again floored with the awesomeness of what Hershey does at these events.  They had this fun section in the Expo Hall where we could sign up to get personal Easter Baskets delivered to our doors!  Awesome right?  Well... except for one BIG thing. 

Gulp.  The basket the delivered with candy..well...didn't even come close to making it to the actual holiday. 


I want to shoot myself.  I ate an ENTIRE bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs...and Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Bad Bad Bad Joey!

Every year I try soooo hard to avoid even coming close to the creme eggs until they are on the verge of being sold out.  Then I'll buy one.  

But.  Um.  Yeah.

Not so much this year.  

So... I took the cute basket they sent and added a few of my own touches.  I was at the Disney store last weekend and saw they had huge discounts on some of their Super Hero stuff so I got a bunch of little figurines.  The also had a great Batman T-shirt on sale that I had to get.  Throw in some other chotzky goodies from here and there and wa-la.  I have a basket I paid approx $20 for!   

I added a couple of my Easter decorations that I totally forget I had..haha..

And I think I'm going to have a spoiled boy on my hands.  

Oh how I love these amazing holiday gfits given to us in this world....

Happy Easter to you and your families!!