Let Them Eat Cake

City of Hope 2012

I've always been a fan and supporter of City of Hope both in Philadelphia and during my time in Chicago.  

I love what City of Hope stands for...not to mention the people behind the organization in Philly. 

This past Monday I got to experience their flagship fundraiser for the very first time.  And let me tell you....it ROCKED!

Let Them Eat Cake

LTEC has been around for sometime in Philly and I can sure see why!  It probably is one of the coolest fundraising events I've ever attended.

This year, the theme was 'Under The Big Top' and they had celebrity cake baker Sylvia Weinstock as one of the judge.  It was cool to see her and her awesomely big trademark glasses.  She's so tiny too!

One thing that was FAR from tiny was my waistline after sampling these cakes.

The MerionIt was a very cool experience.  Like going to an edible artshow.

I was so excited last year when a friend of mine kicked butt in the competition, Stacey Hill from Truly Custom Cakery.  And this year she topped the last!  I was actually asked to judge this year as well...but after a little thinking I realized it wasn't a fair thing for me to do.  Cause of COURSE I was gonna root for Stacey! ha.  She actually made Boston's birthday cake last year and I did a fun video featuring her and her amazing cakes.

Stacey's winning cake!Stacey and her new partner took home 3 great awards.  Some of my personal favorites was her in both taste and looks....the look of the cake from The Merion Elegant Cakes & Patisserie & the best tasting to DIE for that I had to actually beg the women for a taste because the world was talking about them was Adelaide's Cakes.  They had a cotton candy cupcake something or other that I wanted to steal the box and take with me.  Shew.

Anyway, all in all it was an awesome time.

Please support the City of Hope anyway you can. It's an amazing charity fighting for cancer cures.