If you have kids and animals or even a messy husband...you have GOT to pick up the Go-Spot!!

Seriously.  My father in law has run a carpet business in Chicago for a zillion years.  He's VERY picky when it comes to carpet cleaning, solutions, etc.  

He was in AWE when we shared with him during a visit what this awesome carpet cleaner did.

DIRTY CARPETS. EW.Now mind you..when we bought this place in 2008, I knew that having 'creme' carpets wasn't the best scenario. 

But I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that it was THE WORST SCENERIO!!  Here I was - one month from delivery - with a hairy mutt and a 'crumb dropping' husband.

Granted...I have to give my husband some street cred.  His dad has totally rubbed off on him when it comes to carpets.  He actually vacuums.  (Hot.  I totally know that.  And I capitalize on it too, ya know?!?) lol

HEAVENLY CLEAN CARPET!Anyway...my girlfriend Stephanie was telling me about her job and what she does and it just so happens to be a cleaning solutions business.  She always sees me go insane on Twitter talking about how disgusting our carpets are and she pleasantly surprised me with a fab delivery of Go-Spot.  

My parents were in town and after 4 days of holiday insanity-my carpets looked like a tornado hit it!!

Embarassingly, I'm showing you my carpets.  And their utter filth.  (I feel like I'm standing here naked and you get to see all my flaws!! Ugh!! lol)

It's from a company called Zim International.  They sell 'commercial grade' cleaning supplies.  

After I told her she was a Goddess and totally has gold in her hands-she said she'd hook you all up.  (It's a SUPER great deal compared to what is on the website.  You gotta call HER directly or email Steph directly to get the goods.)  

So how can Go-Spot help YOUR house?

**GO-SPOT is an excellent pre-spotter prior to carpet extraction and the unique inverted valve allows easy waist-high application. GO-SPOT removes coffee, tea, urine, soft drinks, ketchup, mustard, cosmetics, blood, oil, grease, mud, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, pet stains and many other organic soils while neutralizing odors. 


Here is her pricing:

1 dozen = $70.00

6 pack = $37.00

2 cans = $16.50

FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental US


Shoot Stephanie an email at stephanie_zim@bellsouth.net.  Or just shoot her a tweet on Twitter!  She loves to meet new people...be sure to tell her I send her!  @Zim_Stephanie ...

Be sure to tell her that you heard about it from me so she can give you the 'friends & family' discount!  lol