The ONLY Reason

I Like Sports

Anyone who knows me - knows that I've never been a sports fan.

I just didn't grow up playing it...or being around it. 

In a family of 3 girls-my dad just didn't have an influence on us there.  Not to mention...he wasn't a fan either.  

Upon meeting my husband..yeah...I did enjoy going to Cubs games.  I was in my 20s.  Partying was the reason behind it.  That was the social reason I went.  I enjoyed chatting & well...drinking!   

Not to mention we held NOTHING back when we met up with friends at those games.  I could pretty much guarantee there would be an all day drinking extravaganza with a major headache the next day.

Quite honestly, that's the only reason I liked the games.  They just went hand in hand.  Unlimited beer & food on a rooftop watching the Cubs play? B.I.N.G.O.

Fast forward to today.  Drinking is not apart of the equation at games.  And in all honesty-after moving to Philly-my husband and his life revolved around it.  Granted..he runs a sports radio station that pays our mortgage.  And I always say 'professionally-I couldn't possibly be any more proud of him!'  But personally.... our family really suffered because of sports.  

I was a new family....just moved... and he was 210% wrapped up into making his station succeed.  I can't fault him today.  After all...he just wanted to provide for his family.  Make sure we were taken care of.  

It was so hard on me because I just didn't grow up like that.  Him and I grew up in totally different environments.  My parents worked just to live...and his, lived to work.  I grew up in a small town in the country...he grew up in the Northshore of Chicago.

Neither one of us were raised wrong.  We were just raised with what our parents knew and the best they could do.

So thats the back story on why I have such resentment towards sports.  

But about 20 minutes ago.... I was reminded by that same man who eats, sleeps & breathes it what it is about sports that I do like.

You see... he was sitting on the couch and started to tell me something about a sports story.  (Granted I always half listen when he talks about this one made me stop in my tracks.)

He started to tell me the story about a man who after a Giants game last year was beaten nearly to death in the parking lot from a random person because he was wearing Giants gear.  It was in LA.  Likely gang driven....I don't know.  

And my first thought was 'That is why I hate f-ing sports!!!'  Remembering the man at a Phillies game who was beaten to death afterwards.  The drunken insanities that happen with scumbag fans.  The time I went to an Eagles game and men were kicking the port-a-potty while I was in there - screaming obscenities at me..."WHY I hate f-ing sports!"

Then as he started watching this video....where the man who was beaten and fighting for his life after a bad brain injury had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a Giants game.  The man couldn't be there-but his son was filling in to throw out the pitch.  Then ... I glanced across the room.  

And I saw something in him that I haven't ever seen before.  

I looked over and saw his eyes well up.  

Then I asked him 'Are you about to cry?'  

Mind you....I can count on one hand how many times I've seen my husband cry.

And he innocently looked up from his computer at me....pulled Boston as close to him as he could and said "That man is never going to be able to play catch with his son.  Because of the senseless act of another human being."

"It's not fair." he said.

Then I asked him "Wow.  This really touched you" or something of the sorts....

And he said 'It changes everything when you become a father."

Or something of the sort.

I can't remember the exact words he used.  And in the end that part doesn't really matter.

But I'll forever remember the lost look in his eyes when he looked across the room at me.  

It reminded me of the man who was at a game....I think in Texas...and he went to catch a foul ball for his son and tragically fell over the railing.  With his own son watching.  The man died on the way to the hospital.

My heart sinks.  

And although I may not be a 'fan' or have a rediculous amounts of resentment to sports at times....

There is no denying to connection that sports have with men.  (Most men.)

I love that man.  And even though he drives me BONKERS with sports....

He's an amazing father.  And I know that even though he doesn't always show it....there is a sensitive side of him.

The sports world is a better place with him in it.