Redbook Mag & Me


Yeah!  My first 'real' magazine quote.  Well...kinda.  Sorta?!?!  

I mean-I was in National Geographic once.  And well....Readers Digest.  But those don't count.

Ok-so I'm lying.  I'm not smart or old enough to be in those! haha

But I am in Redbook Mag for May!  Wahoo!  

The editors email me often and I answer questions or info from them...kinda like their research board, ya know?

I mean cause REALLY.  CLEARLY by this article they are doing some hard core research from reputable people like myself! Right?

Is it bad that I bought TWO magazines?

And that I was giddy in the grocery aisle? I know you are running out right now to get the details on this awesome story.  So let me just share a tad... 

They were doing a survey 'Is this Cheating?' with case studies.  Mine was about this 30ish year old woman who is a photographer in Seattle.  She went out with her good guy friend who JUST so happens to be GAY.

They had drinks-too many to control reality I suppose-one thing lead to another-and well...

They made out. 

Or kissed.

Same thing.



Clearly.  She cheated.

Yes?  No?  Want my autograph?