HP ePrint Wireless Printer Review


When I got an office I ended up moving my printer.  And needless to say-I've been meaning to get a new one since I can't print out ANYTHING at my house for oh... MONTHS.

To be frank-I didn't like the 'old printer' that much.  It was a pain in the rear.

So much so....that I stopped doing any crafting/scrapbooking because I got so tired running UP and dOWN and uP and dOWN the stairs to print.  


Momma's got a GREAT new toy. 

The HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer is awesomeness.  And I MEAN that.  

I can actually sit downstairs and PRINT all the way upstairs without having to chase all over the house to get it!!!

This printer is wireless and it connects via our home wireless network.  It was super easy to set up

Best part?  I can print pics of my little monkey from my iPhone and iPad anytime I want.  No more emailing to self-then connecting to printer-then printing pain.  

Piece of cake right?

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HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer was provided for this review from MomSelect & WalMart.com/HPePrint.  Shop till ya drop sistas!