Virginia Hotel
Cottages in Cape May

I am a LOVER of hotels.  I love to travel...taste new flavors...check out the bathroom products and share my experiences!

Last summer I was apart of an AWESOME weekend getaway to Cape May to stay and promote Congress Hall.  It was the best experience ever!  

So with the awesomeness and all that is in Cape May-why not return - right?

I wanted to stay at or near the location where my husband & I went on our first 'shore trip' when we moved her from Chicago years ago.  I actually found this property while searching and about fell over when I saw one of the porches actually overlooked the place we stayed!

I have to be honest with myself you...I am a bit travel spoiled!  Yes.  I know.  Me?  Yes. I can't believe it either.  =)  When I was in my 20s and met my husband he took me all over the country. 

We went from Chicago to Vegas, LA, Boston.....finally to Philly.  And since I've been blogging, I've been invited all over as well!  Stayed at gorgeous places (and a few DUMPS along the way...ahem.)  

But the Cape Resorts Group has by far surpassed anything I've ever experienced.  I don't know if its because after meeting Curtis the owner, and hearing his amazing story of how his grandfather use to own Congress Hall and he grew up running the halls!  He later renovated it and gave it life again.....

I love that it's not run by some 'hotel management company' that doesn't even know much about the hotel! Curtis has so much passion in the place-you can tell before you even walk through the front doors.  The warmth and welcome feeling you get from all the properties is impeccable.  You can tell that he takes care of his employees too because they are always smiling and go above and beyond a typical hotel staff.  

In fact, I forgot my coat there when we checked out on Monday and by Tuesday it was at my doorstep!

The off season price to stay in the cottage we stayed in:  The White Cottage (Penthouse Suite) was approx $200 a night.  Not bad for that ocean view, right?  

*Outstanding service

*Close proximity to Washington Mall (SHOPPING!!)

*Open all year round

*AWESOME bathroom amenities!