Ok. So I'm the first person in line when it comes to womens' rights.  The first person to think that being pregnant is a beautiful thing.

But when a celebrity poses naked while pregnant on the cover of a magazine?


I just don't get it.  All they want to do is sell magazines! That's the only reason they put celebs naked on a cover. 

It really kind of grosses me out.  

Not that she's pregnant.  Because that is a beautiful thing.  But she totally sold out just to get on the magazine shelf!  Creepy!

It's not that she can't do tasteful images.  Because she can.  And she did!  I would have rather seen on the cover the one with her fiance Eric is absolutely gorgeous!

Some are comparing her to Demi Moore.  Um.  I'm not too sure about that one. hahaha.  There's only ONE Demi Moore.  But even then that image had some arms up in the air!

I mean, I guess if she really wants to be naked on a mag...then good for her.  Hope she popped the check in the bank for that kid at least!

Maybe it's my own demons in this thing.  The fact that I didn't even want to be seen at ALL while pregnant tells me a lot...and that was WITH clothes on! hahaha. 

What are your thoughts?  Do you think she sold out or do you think it's just a beautiful thing and that I'm being a pain in the arse? lol