What 5 Years Means To Me


Today was a big catch up day.

Well....kind of.  

After a month of running around like a chicken with my head cut off not really knowing if I'm coming or going....I got to spend 36 hours alone with my husband.  Celebrating our 5th anniversary.  

Sadly, him and I haven't been away from our son for more than 24 hours.  Boston has never spent the night with anyone except one of us in the almost 4 years of his little life.  Mainly because we just don't have family around to leave him with....and it's hard to do when you're not really sure.  

But we decided that our close friend, who's been watching him since he was a couple months old is a perfect fit to watch him while we got away.

And I have to tell you, I am soooo glad we did.

We have a special place in our heart for Cape May.  It was the first little weekend getaway we hit up when we first moved to Philly in 2007.  It was Labor Day weekend and I just started my new job at the radio station.  (Coincidentally I was doing middays on Ben FM).  He had already been working for the company for a few months and I had only been living in Philly with my 'new' husband for less than a month.

Our young, hip, professional, coworker friends totally ripped on us for going to Cape May.  Saying that the boring old farts went there for vacation.

Hmpf.  Must have been a sign of things to come, right? hahaha.  Cause I got pregnant that weekend (so I think) and life as we knew it would never be the same.

And if you've been following this blog...you know that our marriage has had its ups and downs.  It really has been hard.  

And after this past couple days away together-we both got knocked up side the head with the realization that there is no reason for it to take another 5 years to get a couple days away, just him and I.

I seriously now believe that we HAVE to find time for each other!!

And I have to give him full credit.  Even though I made the plans and booked the reservations at the Virginia Hotel for the White Cottage Penthouse (which is absolutely to die for by the way!) he really went above and beyond to seriously focus on ME.  And all the things I wanted to do.

Yes...we only had approx 36 hours.  But I put that guy to work, I tell ya!

Ready for this?

I brought every scrapbook I have ever made with us in it.  From our wedding-to the birth of our baby.

I wanted to really focus on the great things we shared since our wedding.  And with all due respect to my little man....our hardships hit after he was born.  Not his fault at all...but that's when we started drifting a bit.  

So we went through and shared memories on so many things in those books.  

Yes.  I'm a wimp.  And Yes.  I did cry.

A lot.

I also pulled out the amazing leather bound book that I got him for our 1st anniversary.

This book has such a cool story to it.  I'm so proud of it.  I ordered it online and had the leather embossed to say 'Matt & Joey Our Life Together' and it's meant for us to each year share special moments - the GREAT moments in our lives.  We can only write good things in it.  Ones that are uplifting and full of love and light.  (In other words-no bitching! lol)

Each one of us went off into a corner and had to write something special.  Reflecting on the last year...the amazing moments...and looking forward to the next.

I can't even begin to tell you the tears I shed.  

Self-Portraits; 5 Year Anniversary EveningOur last night there...we went to dinner at the Ebbitt Room in the Virginia Hotel.  We were the only ones in there.  Amazing food...and the two of us.  

Afterwards we went back to our place.  Then started at the beginning of the book and read till the end of our written words. 

And he was present the entire time.  

That's been so hard to do the past 5 years.  For both of us.  

I was so grateful to him for allowing me to be so cheeky.  Silly.  Juvenile.  Jovial.  And filled with reflection.

Cause as we headed home the next morning-with our minds already hitting the ground running ready for the rat race.  He kindly put his hand on my knee....and thanked me.  

And it really meant the world to me.

So many times in life we get caught up in wanting more.  Running in every direction.  Like 2 ships passing in the night.  And I really feel in my heart that is why marriages fail.  

Because with kids, work, errands, house, chores.....the love that got you two there just sort of disappears.  

And two people start fading apart.

I can gratefully say that today I feel closer to my husband than I have felt since the day we got married.


Not because he gave me diamonds or a handbag or clothes.  

But because he gave me time.  Attention.  And he was present in every second of it.

And I felt it.  Deep down in my heart.  

I feel warm.  Filled up with love.  

And reminded of what happened...when two people fell in love.

Thank you honey for going that extra mile.  It made a world of difference for me.

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