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Cruise Christening

This past Thursday evening I got the opportunity to take part in a magical Disney event that happened in New York City.  

To say this was a celebration is completely and totally not doing the evening justice!!

I was invited to stay at Ink48 Hotel and enjoy a night at the Christening of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship!

Since I haven't ever 'been to Disney' (I know-pathetic, right? lol) or have I even ever been on a Cruise...I really had no idea what to expect.

Of course we have ALL seen the movie Titanic..and can you believe that was the first thing I thought of when we embarked on this ship?? Seriously!  As soon as we walked through the front doors there were mater dei's lined up to greet us.  Just like in the movie! ha And I can honestly say I have NEVER seen more champagne in my life!!!

My friend Debbie from Mamanista is so awesome at taking me under her wings at these type of things.  I mean, I've done some pretty awesome things in my radio career-but for some reason-when I hit the big city of New York that good ol' country girl comes out of me!!  And I get so overwhelmed!  I can proudly say that I'm getting better at the NYC trips after going so many times (HENCE-I bring spare shoes! lol) but she's so amazing with showing me the ropes.

This extremely handsome Parisian man looks at me and goes in the HOTTEST accent ever 'Care for a champagne, madam?'  and I ahem...about died.  Deb looked at me-I looked at her and we both just about bust out laughing.  Of course because this country chic was shining through.  She grabbed the champagne and I grabbed the sparkling-strawberry-mint-like-I-have-no-idea-what-was-in-it-but-it-was-tasty-non-alcoholic-drink and we entered the foyer.

It was gorgeous!  Disney characters were etched in every single piece of this ship!  From the mirrors shaped like Mickey in the bathrooms to the gold plates on the walls with characters-there was no mistaken that this was a magical place!

The didn't hold ANYTHING back in the party!  Neil Patrick Harris was the host of the evening entertainment...great songs from their cruise shows...visit from Mary Poppins....standup by Jerry Seinfeld...

Did I mention the celebrities JUST there to celebrate?  Yeah!  Ty Pennington and some of the cast from The Revolution were there...Mayor Bloomberg stopped by....and you KNOW it's a big deal with the CEO of Disney takes the mic!

Mariah Carey and her hubby were there.  She was the Fairy Godmother of the Ship.  That was cool since now she's a mom and really gets it. (Well, sort of. hahaha)

Check out my video recap and be sure to comment if you've ever been on a Disney Cruise!  We are soo going to take one after that experience!