Where a Kid Can Be a Kid!

There are so many awesome things that go along with having a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!  You get 2 hours of reserved table space to enjoy the show, the birthday kid gets to experience the Magic Ticket Blaster with a chance to win 1,000 tickets, a limited edition medallion for the birthday kid, inflatable crowns & tokens and so much more that you can include in a package!

What I love is seeing the special birthday kid getting recognition in the birthday show.  =)

There are many add ons you can include for the kids as well.

You just have to visit here and put in your zip code to get the details and pricing on packages in your area.

One of my favorite party pieces that they surely didn't have when I was a kid is their awesome evites!  

Doesn't it make planning a birthday party so much easier when you can do it online?  


Disclosure:  This post goes hand in hand with the partnership Chucky Cheese has with Real Mom Radio on Ben FM