My friend Leah Segedie, from Mamavation ( has mentioned this promotion to me a few times now.  And I keep getting pulled towards it.

I normally don't share promotions on my site unless I'm directly affilated with them but since I know Leah is an honest mom and always doing social good...I figured it was safe for me! haha  =)

Many of you know my love for Cradles to Crayons in Philadelphia.  It's an amazing organization that I work hard to support in any way I can.  My holiday promotion with them was my favorite by far!

The problem with getting them the kazillion toys I worked so hard to collect is because we're tying it in with their 'Spring Greening' Drive where we get communities to go green by spring cleaning then making a hefty donation to Cradles!  Win, Win-right? =)  

So, if I win this sponsorship with Kalso Shoes, then I will be able to not only be able to donate toys-but put it to good use in our celebration!  I have an entire office of toys....but this will help in actually getting them there to the warehouse.  (I'm not kidding you when I tell you THOUSANDS of dollars in brand new toys.  Waiting for boys and girls!!  Cradles gives kids wrapped new toys to celebrate their birthdays.)

The Spring Greening puts gently used toys and kids clothing in the hands and on the bodies of kids in Philadelphia who just doesn't have any.  It breaks my heart when I think about all the things in my house that my son barely even touches.  Frankly, all my neighbors say the same thing!!!  They have so many toys that take up space.  So not only will I get to drop off the NEW toys collected over the holiday season-I'll be able to gather the goods from the zillion neighbors I have dying to get their house cleaned out for spring.


Kalso Earth Shoes are big supporters of Earth Day and they are doing this promotion.