Fashion Friday
Fresh Produce

I can't believe I'm freakin' doing this.  

Mainly cause I STINK at anything fashion oriented since becoming a mom.  

Totally lost my touch.  And it totally bothers me.  

Cause prior to motherhood I wouldn't even THINK about wearing yoga pants or anything of elastic value out of the house.  If it tells you favorite pair of blue jeans at the time cost me $300.  

Yes.  Ludicrous, I know. 

Well...upon motherhood I lost my gorgeous wardrobe and gained 60 pounds.

Makes me want to throw up thinking about it. 

But instead of banging my head into a bowl of ice cream...I'm going to step out of my comfort zone.  

And do a Fashion Friday. 

A fellow blogger friend of mine, Jo-Lynne is AMAZING at everything sharing fashion posts.  She's such a great writer.  And she looks so well put together ALL the time.  Not just online people.  IN PERSON TOO.  

There is a great group of bloggers who do a Fashion Friday post religiously every week.  

They are great posts....but I never have anything in common with what they pick.  Not because I don't think they are gorgeous.  But because they are for skinny moms.  GASP.  

Yeah. Who would have thunk it, right? lol.

Naw..they are gorgeous women with gorgeous style-but I struggle cause skinny jeans does NOT look good on my body!


I love to hit up all the little boutique shops at the shore.  I can tell you I have NO PROBLEM finding fab & flattering clothes there.  (Just ask my husband.  Everytime I return & we review the credit card I hear about it. lol)

A few years ago, my 1st time at the shore-I bet...I found the Fresh Produce clothing line.  And have been an investor ever since!! 

This past little getaway with my husband to Cape May I visited my fave store there and their Fresh Produce was 60% off.  SHUT THE DOOR!  It got ugly in there that day. 

So needless to say when I was contacted by them to do a review I tripped over my feet at the opportunity gladly accepted.

It was REALLY not an easy decision to make when it came to picking a piece to review. 

I'm a big fan of resort wear for women.  Not only are they stylish but their comfortable AND they make you think you're at the beach when you wear them!

A big staple in my wardrove are women's cardigans.  They cover in places and help in taming down my pear shape.  

The cardigan was easy to pick but the color took me forever.  I ended up getting Sanibel Colored Standing Ovation Cardigan.  And I LOVE the color!

Photo Credits: 1st one is me.  Can I tell you how much I HATE full body shots?!?!?  Sigh.  Had to do it this time though.  The cardigan was too adorable to crop! lol  The necklace is my latest purchase from Lia Sophia.  I love coral anything.


Disclosure: Fresh Produce sponsored this review-but you bet your bootie they got their $$ worth over the years!  Just look at my love for them in my closet...might need an intervention.