Xfinity Live! Philadelphia

Last night I got invited to the media opening event for Xfinity Live in the sports complex and lemme tell ya-THEY NEEDED SOMETHING LIKE THIS SO BAD DOWN THERE!


I enjoy going to games.  But it's such a breath of fresh air to know that there is a new entertainment venue to eat, meet & play at!

Now....I'm gonna give you my HONEST opinion about this place.  They aren't paying me to share any of this.  But as a mom talking to many many moms in Philadelphia-I need to be real.  Right? first impression was:


"Damn.  Why am I not single and 28 again?  This place would be HEAVEN!"

I didn't exactly say that out loud.  Although when I got the glimpse of the mechanical bull during the tour, I did say 'SH*T!  You've got a mechanical bull!!!"  I was a bit giddy and unprofessional with my I WANT TO BE IN MY 20s AGAIN mouth.  (My husband was with me mind I had to slightly contain myself.)

Overall, this place is a magnificent party place.  A great place for date night dinners especially since each restaurant has its unique spin on food, fun & fantastic.  

In every corner there was a bit of the Old SPECTRUM magic.  Pieces that they safely salvaged before changing the place up a bit.

But the one thing that was a turnoff for me... as a PARENT...and someone who gets VERY annoyed at obnoxious drunk people even though at one point in my life I may have very well been one of those...  I found the place to be less than desireable for families.

Truth be told.  


If I go to the ballpark to see a game, we might take Boston (4 year old) to a restaurant before a day game.  Maybe more than 'might'.  But after a game or before a night game?  Ugh.  I'm honestly not too sure about that one.  

There are some amazing outdoor dining areas that may migrate to families.  But from first impression - it's not meant for that kind of crowd.  


I will tell you though...I had some great conversations with some of the staff in their marketing and they said that they DO have plans to find ways to embrace families.  On dark days-when none of the stadiums have games-they are looking to create some awesome family atmosphere activities. 

And I'm TOTALLY in for that.  

And if you'd like to loan me your time machine so I can hit up 2005 I'm TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY in for that!  ha.  Cause then you'd see my cowboy hat wearin-boots kickin-happy tushie ROCKING the 8 Seconds on that bad ass bull!  If I tried that now, I'd likely break a leg.  OR break the bull. #JustSayin


Awesome news if you're a 3rd Eye Blind fan!  Xfinity Live is doing a FREE show for their opening day this Friday, March 30th.

4pm: Grand Opening Ceremony featuring special guests from the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles, Phillies, Wings, & Soul 
8pm: Philadelphia Style Magazine VIP Party 
8:15pm: Modern Bliss live on the outdoor stage 
9pm: Third Eye Blind live on the outdoor stage