Behind the Magic 8-Ball

I don't really know what's going on with me this week.  

Seems like I just can't wrap my head around things.  I have so much to do-but my brain won't stay in a forward keeps spinning.  I hate that. 

I have emails to answer...posts to write...and yet-I'm sitting in my office all lonely and stuff.  

My girlfriend Sandy-O & I had a really awesome conversation yesterday.  And I can't help but think about one of the things we talked about. (SANDY-SIDE-NOTE:  She is so seriously talented.  OMGOSH.  Like nothing I've ever seen before!!!  HIRE HER!!  =)  

Anyway, we were talking about how when you own your own business.  And you're really a 'one man band' as such....that it can really feel isolating at times.  

I mean.  Here I am.  Sitting in this mega office.  That I work my tail off to pay for.  Yet..I'm all alone.  

The room is loaded with toys (that STILL need to go to Cradles to Crayons...but after Christmas they were filled to the brim so I offered to hang onto them here until space opened up in their warehouse...which I'm kinda glad it hasn't yet cause then this place would be BARE BONES!!!)  

It reminds me of when I did morning radio in Chicago.  Steve, my partner had left the station.  And I was doing the show solo.  I got there at 4:30am....left around noon....went home...did show prep all alone in my house.....had lunch....worked out....napped.....then my husband (then live-in-boyfriend) came home...we'd spend like an hour or so together then I had to go to bed cause I got up at 3am every morning.

It sucked. 

I loved my job.  And I did technically talk to people on-air everyday. But I was still 'lonely'.

Here I am-doing almost the same thing...and yet I have this lull of missing being surrounded by creative, like-minded people!  I've already decided when my lease runs out at my office I'm going to move myself to Sandy's amazing studio.  That is if she'll still want me come October! hahaha.  She's got this unreal space and offered to give me a little corner to hoard my toys open up shop.  We'd have a BALL together  (and hopefully make money too! hahaha)  Just the thought of renting space with someone like her makes me smile.  She's so fun.  And artsy!  The 'Theatre Major-Dance Minor' in me could use some of that in my life.  

Ok. Just spent 10 minutes on my Magic 8 Ball and it just told me to get back to work.