ProFlowers and Valentine's Day

Yes.  I know.  As I CONSTANTLY tell my husband...don't get me flowers.  They die.


Chocolate covered strawberries and cakepops?  

Now that is another story. Ahem.

Now think about it. Yeah Yeah.. I don't want to be a hypocrite.  But OMGOSH is this site so awesome.

I actually ordered (what you see right there on the left) for MYSELF.

What?  You gotta problem with that??? Ahem.

I doubled the order with an additional $10.  That's IT.

Seriously though, ProFlowers has some awesome Valentine's Deals.  I bought these for me..and Boston.  (To take those cute cake pops to school since I'll be in NYC for the weekend and can't make them....OOPSIE.)

I also bought hubby the cookie bouquet.  I'd prefer to embarass the living daylights out of him with a REAL cupid....hahahah. ..... but this will do the trick.

The GREAT thing about all this?  It would have been about $140-but because I WENT HERE AND GOT 20% off my total order-it was an awesome price!

Ok... Check out their facebook page here:  And COME BACK later to WIN $50 towards ProFlowers and their awesome properties!



DISCLOSURE:  Yes.  I did get $50 to use towards ProFlowers-but YES-I REALLY DID SPEND ANOTHER $50 BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!!  =)