I swear.  Those of you who don't do conferences are likely going 'OK ALREADY ABOUT THIS BLISSDOM THING!'

But it's all so top of mind right now.  And I gotta go with it.

I'm behind from Toy Fair, Blissdom & a big Hasbro event in sharing the goods....and tomorrow I'm heading to a media christening for the new Disney Fantasy that sets sail from NYC starting in March.

I need a day to sleep.  

But I REALLY don't want to miss this event.  Anything Disney does is huge, and invited to it?  Even bigger.  =)

So I'll leave you with these nuggets I got from the Blissdom conference from the speark Clair Diaz Ortiz.


-----The Seven Steps of the Present Principle---------

There are 7 steps to a winning day, and they all begin in the morning.

'If you lead your morning, you can lead your life.'

P = Pray (pause, have peace)

R = Read (Read in the morning to uplift, inspire & direct)

E = Express (Express how ever you want in the morning..sketch, prose, poem...)

S = Schedule (We live better days when we have a plan)

E = Exercise (Exercise is hard.  Moving isn't. What can you do today to move more?)

N = Nourish (What nourishes YOU?  Knitting, Pinterest? Everyday take 10 minutes at least.)

T = Track (Take 2 minutes out of your evening to write down how you did...)

REALLY??  Was what I was thinking when I sat in this session.  She must not have kids, a house, dog, responsibilities!!!

But then I realized one thing she does have.  Priorities.  I mean, after reading her 'about me' page I felt like a total unorganized loser. 

And thats one thing I need to put into play.

And yes.  I am behind.  But I'm living in the PRESENT. =)

What do you do to stay in the present?