Blissdom 2012

I don't even really know where I can start.

I'm home.  Sitting next to my dog.  Actually hugging his neck today.  I missed that stinky pain in the butt.  


Where do I start?  

I honestly can't tell you in words what this experience was like for me.

I spent time with people that I just love. 

People that love me.

And I felt it.

I felt something the past 4 days that I haven't felt in a very long time.

I am worth it.

I enjoyed close connecting conversations with Jane Hoffer that lifted and inspired me.  I connected with Cecily, Kim, Melanie, hugged the necks of Danielle, Jenny, Katherine.....

Had an outstanding dinner with Stephanie Schwab, Fadra, Heather Solos, and an insane amount of other women who would run the world if we were allowed......

I honestly didn't even make it to the swag suites.  Didn't care.  

I got to meet people that I've been working with Million Moms inspired by their stories.

And for the first time in a long time...I felt like I 'was somebody' again.

I had strangers come up to me and tell me things about my life that I realized wasn't just in my heart.  I wrote them here.  They read it.  And felt it.  And related to it.

If there was one word to put on all of it?


I saw women cry.  Laugh.  Dance.  Touch.  Love.  Inspire.

Women with one thing in common.

The internet.

I watched Joe Jonas put my cowboy hat on...met Rascal Flatts...laughed about being from small town Illinois with Megan Jordan, connected closely about my short time in Chicago with Melissa Pierce....cried when Rascal Flatts played Life is a Highway...cause I missed my little boy.

I know.  I'm a TOTAL wimp.

Now I'm home.  With laundry out the wazoo, 400 emails to answer, bills to pay...dishes to clean...

Life has returned.

As touching and so awesome as it thing is for sure.

I am worth it.  

And I'm gonna fight till the end to believe it.

Happy Monday.