Blissdom 2012

Opryland Hotel

YES.   This is the ammunition when attending a blogging conference in Nashville, TN.  Seriously! ha

Last year when I came, Blissdom was my first blogging conference ever.  

I was nervous, yet I felt right at home.  Because to me, coming here is kind of like coming home.  Nothing warmer than a little country in a country girls heart...

I love this town.  It's like a mini-Hollywood!

Except for where I'm staying-is like a mini-town.  

Opryland Hotel is part of the Gaylord Entertainment Group.  I'll tell you-they don't mess around when it comes to accomodations. 

This is a great hotel.  People come here...and..well..they don't leave.

I totally remember that from last year. A bit disappointed in myself for not making it down to 2nd Avenue, but I do recall it wasn't too long after the awful flood they had here.  Even the hotel was underwater.  They at least got that up and running again.

I was so hoping that Opry Mills Mall would have been open this year-but their still working hard getting it back up.  That's the only negative thing I can say about this hotel.  If you hit up the stores here-that's all ya got!  There isn't much to choose from.  And well, if you wanted to get out of the hotel and head to downtown Nashville its a $25 cab ride.  Each way.  YIKES!

Now I know....I'm here for WORK.  To build my I shouldn't be thinking about getting out.  I get it.  But something about this town.  Makes me wanna play.  Maybe because I feel like there is so much of my great college past here.  Well, at least an hour and a half away in Murray, KY that is.  Can't forget my time on Electric 96.9 in Paducah either.  Whoa.  I have a hangover just thinking about those days! ha.  What fun I had.

I have to admit.  I'm pretty disappointed that my old best friend from college isn't coming to see me.  I"m right here within a short drive.  It actually made me sad when she told me the excuses that she wasn't coming.

Gratefully, I'm ok with that today.  Why?  Cause I'm so excited to see my new friends here.  My online friends.  The ones that I only tweet or send Skype hi-5's to.

Yes. I do live my entire life online now a days vs on air.  (Although I do have Real Mom Radio to get my 'fix'.)  But there's nothing better than one on one facetime.  And to be able to hug these amazing women in person?  You just can't put a price on that.  

We walk up to each other and we know all about each others lives.  The kids, husband, pets...inlaws...all of it.  

Why?  Cause we take the time to catch up with each other by following their blogs.  It's like getting a glimpse into our living rooms.

I'm so grateful that I have you and this community.  Cause in reality, when I thought my whole world was crumbling down years ago...and everyone in real life thought I was looney-or they just didn't have the time to be there for me.........I had THIS.  My written world to get me through.  

And reading that I'm not alone in what I was dealing with is truly what saved my life. (Not to mention that adorable little kid I have too!) 

So cheers to growing my business the next few days...but also for getting to embrace this new life I'm lucky to have. 

x0x0x0x0x - Joey