Where a Kid Can Be A Kid

(AHEM.  And adults can be kids too!  lol)

Chuck E. Cheese is a name known in all households, right?  FOR SURE!  I remember as a kid growing up hitting birthday parties there.  


What makes me personally feel comfortable with taking my kid to Chuck E. Cheese is the fact that I KNOW he's in a safe place!!!  ESPECIALLY with all the horrible stories in the news lately.  Let's be honest here....kid safety is a BIG priority for us as parents-but also Chuck E. Cheese.

They're Kid Check area is where parents or guardians get their hand stambed with a number that matches their kid's... This is they're way to rest assure that everyone who comes together-leaves together!  (Mind you, that doesn't mean that they are you're personal babysitter-k? lol)


Yeppers.  A BIGGY for so many people.  And I gotta tell ya-people totally poo poo pizza!! Seriously!!

But take a look at their nutrition info.  It's awesome.  You can have a small slice if combination pizza & a small slice of dessert pizza, plus a small salad from the salad bar (EASY on the dressing) for around 500 calories!!

Check it out before arriving and plan for the partaking!


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