My Son is a Star!


So, last night one of my 4 year olds teachers: "Miss Liz" messaged me on facebook saying she saw Boston on Inside Edition!!  I was actually taking a bath and was like - WHAT??  So of course, while in the bathtub I called down to my husband (from my waterproof cellphone of course lol) and told him he had to get on top of it and find that clip!

Well, fast forward to today - and another friend posted on facebook that they say Boston on there and I was like WHAT?  So we made it a MISSION to find what clip and what it was about.

Yes.  The awful YouTube video from last year where Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to 'fool' their kids with fake gifts to get a reaction?  You know, the one where my poor then 3 1/2 year old got a Hello Kitty toy and broke out in tears because it was a 'girl toy'?

Yeah.  The one that has over 250,000 views on YouTube yet - I get at LEAST 10 comments a day saying what a horrible mother I am?

Yeah. That one. 

hahaha. Poor kid. I hope one day he grows up and realizes what a cool mom I REALLY am! hahahaha

Now, what kind of mom am I if I didn't show you the real video too?

I love you kid.  Thanks for the constant smiles.  When you were born your daddy said that 'you were a star'.  And within 5 months - The Today ShowGood Morning America AND Inside Edition?  We need an AGENT!  =)
Your loving Momma