Peddlers Village

Holiday Festivities

This weekend I got invited to take in the sights and sounds at Peddler's Village.

It was fabulous!  

I've always loved visiting there.  It's a great little get away from my house to shop, eat and just waste a day.

I'm a country girl at coming to spend the day in the country? I'm totally in!

Speaking of in...we stayed the night at The Golden Plough Inn.  It's an Inn located on the village campus.  What's cool about this concept with them is that their rooms are on top of the stores all over the village.  It's not like an average, regular Inn!  We stayed on the 'carousel section' which was above Giggleberry Fair.

The room was great.  Personally, I loved the big 'ole bath tub!!  I actually as a preggo woman, am in LOVE with baths right now.  So of course..I couldn't pass up this bad boy! haha

Giggleberry Fair is the fun kid area!  There is a gorgeous Carousel in there, an arcade and some other fun activities to enjoy with the family.

The holiday season is a great time of year to visit the village.  The lights are absolutely amazing!!

We didn't get there till late on Friday night.  We had dinner reservations and had to check into the room.  But we did get some time to wander through the grounds and see the lights.  They are/were FABULOUS!  I'm a Christmas lover.  My favorite during the holidays is the decorations and they hit them out of the ballpark!!

We dined at Earl's Bucks County for both dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday. (Ahem.  We SLEPT through breakfast!  #Losers  Not having a 4 year old waking you up sure helps in getting to sleep in! ha.  My husband snored till 10:30 and I took advantage of that super fab bathtub.  Total heaven!!)

Now let me tell you about the food. OMG.  Sooo yummy at Earl's Bucks County!!  We had the best calamari ever for the appetizer. My husband had a pork chop and I had steak.  Mine was good-but his was OUTSTANDING.  We then topped it off with some kind of seriously deadly chocolate mousse cake.  Yeah.  Just a few calories for dinner. Geez. hahaha

Another fave from our little overnight getaway was the fabulous Gingerbread House Display!  I was in awe at the gorgeous houses.  It was a magical thing to see.  Some serious bakers worked hard to put these pieces of art out there!  Gingerbread houses always remind me of my mom.  She loves to make those.  It's become a tradition in our house too. 

Check out Peddler's Village this holiday season for their 50th anniversary celebration.  It's a wonderful trip to enjoy coming from NYC, Jersey, DC & even Philly.  

Thanks again for having us!  We loved it!