Life Without Limits; TMobile
& Baby Loves Disco Dad


I just LOVE having the opportunity to share this awesome story!!

Real Mom Media has teamed up with T-Mobile to share their awesome 'Life Without Limits' story.

I love what they are doing bringing awareness to the 'you can do anything' in this world.  

I REALLY love that they highlighted Philadelphia dad & co-founder of Baby Loves Disco; Andy Blackman Hurwitz!!

Have you heard of Baby Loves Disco?  You gotta get out and DANCE!  I've heard about them for years.  I remember when my program director in Chicago brought Baby Loves Disco to Chicago & I enjoyed it when I was doing mornings there....BEFORE even bringing a baby in the world.  =)

So do yourself a favor and see how this mega-dance--movin' dad makes it happen with 3 wild boys in the life of Disco!

And-be sure to share your #LifeWithoutLimits on Twitter or Instagram!  Tag your 'go get em' ideas and send them along! (Want to see some fun ones on Instagram? Check them out here!)  Then, post a photo that shows you living your life without limits on Twitter or Instagram with #LifeWithoutLimits and @TMobile.

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